APMC - Navi Mumbai

Agricultural Produce Marketing Corporation (A.P.M.C)

A.P.M.C the biggest wholesale market of Navi Mumbai is located in Vashi, Sector-19.

All ration - Dana, rice, fruits, oil vegetables etc. are available here. It is not only Navi Mumbai's biggest market for food grains and fruits but also the cheapest. Infact there is not a single agricultural produce market in Mumbai also which can stand parallel to the A.P.M.C.. There are lots and lots of shops selling agricultural produce. The shops are arranged categorically. There are four markets in the A.P.M.C, namely - Phase-I, Market-I which is the Onion and Potato Market; Phase-I, Market-II which is the fruit and vegetable market; Phase-II, Market-I which is the commodity market and Phase-II, Market-II which is the grain, rice and oilseed market. Though it is a wholesale market general people also purchase the food items in bulk from here. A.P.M.C is Infact the place where all the agricultural produce for the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai region are brought from different parts of the country and distributed to different regions from here. Most of the residents of NaviMumbai and nearby Mumbai areas come to A.P.M.C. for purchase of food grains in bulk. An association of A.P.M.C called Grain, Rice and Oilseeds Merchants Association (GROMA) exists. The GROMA solves any dispute between the traders of A.P.M.C and the brokers through whom the traders do their business.

Important telephone numbers of A.P.M.C :

Address Telephone No.
Navi Mumbai Merchants Chamber Association 7666841/7651215/7666501/ Ex. 5007/7651216/ 17
A.P.M.C. Retail Transport Association 7665342 / 7662359
Phase - I 7662359
Phase - II 7665342
A.P.M.C. Market 7666501/ Ex.4007
Groma Association of A.P.M.C 7668570 / 7663898 / 7653422